Today's office are shifting from traditional telecom system to low-cost, flexible IP system that take full advantage of the raphid growth in IP applications and globalisation. The KX-TDE 200 can be used to construct a full-IP telecom system, making them a perfect match for this new communications system. The KX-TDE 200 offer new, standart-equipped IP functions that boost efficientcy and lower communications cost. They also include convenient and highly effective features such as wireless operation, voice mail and CTI. For companies planning to a full-IP system, Panasoic IP-PBX system offer a scalable, easy to use platform that adapts to a wide range of business field for feature expansion. In addition, these models also support traditional telephone lines, so they allow IP systems to be integrated with conventional telecom system suck as ISDN and analogue lines. Depending on the office environment, it may be difficult to switch an existing traditional telecom line to a full IP system all at once doe to time and cost restrictions. The KX-TDE 200 response flexibly to needs like this. By charging the main board in the current TDA seriest, a new system can be easily constructed. Thise lets the KX-TDE 100 provide optional solutions for componies that want to smoothly migrate to an IP system while continuing to use their existing telecom network.



Total Number of Trunks : 128
Trunk (Physical Trunk Card) : 120
Trunk (Virtual Trunk Card) : 32
Total Number of Extension : 256
Extension (Physical Extension Card) : 160
Extension (Virtual Extension Card) : 128
IP-PT and IP Softphone : 64
SIP Extension : 128
Telephone : 256
SLT : 96
KX-T7600 series DPT : 128
KX-T7560/KX-T7565 DPT : 96
Other DPT : 32
APT : 24
IP-PT : 160
  IP-PT*1 (Supported by IP-EXT16 Card) : 96
  IP-PT*2 (Supported by IPCMPR Card) : 64
SIP : 128
DSS Console : 8
Basic CS : 32
High-Density CS : 16
PS : 128
Voice Processing System (VPS) : 2
Doorphone : 16
Door Opener : 16
External Sensor : 16
External Relay : 16


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